Everyday Life

Everyday life as I see it in Manchester and beyond. People at work and play, places I enjoy as well as one or two more specific collections like the benches.

I hope you enjoy them.

Ian Charters

Monday, 26 October 2015



Benches are a compelling subject because of their huge variation in location, type and condition but I didn't set out to amass a collection of benches. Instead I became aware slowly that they had much to offer - strong lines and textures, interesting locations and from to time there would be one in poor condition which was almost always even more interesting. I also began to appreciate that each bench offered an opportunity to pause, to sit and enjoy its surroundings and to step out of life's rush even if only for a moment or two. 

Mostly this collection is about the benches themselves and, of course, their surroundings but every now and again I come across an occupied bench so there will be a few with their occupants. 

The collection is on the "Benches" tab above or follow this link: Benches

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